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AutoGuide Botswana to launch own automotive news feed

Being a No.1 online marketplace for buying and selling new & used cars in Botswana for about a decade by now, AutoGuide team decided to further develop our resource by publishing informative articles on some of our researches related to the automotive industry, as well as other sectors of economy affecting car sales in the country.  

It is our belief that the automotive industry is one of significant sectors of Botswana’s national economy due to the African countries' specifics, as public transportation is developed very poorly and almost the entire population is driving cars. Thus, there is quite a high demand in vehicles’ imports and turnover, bank financing for both car dealers and buyers, as well as insurance services, and a range of after-sales car services. All together this constitutes a significant part of the money turnover in the country's economy and deserves to be covered in the media a bit better in our opinion. 

After some short internet surfing in search of relevant internet resources with auto news, we found out that there is no such major popular website in Botswana, only a couple of media are publishing the most hot news of the car industry amongst others. One of our friends, who is close to cars selling business in Botswana, told us that most of Botswana’s Internet users visit web resources of South Africa, which is quite understandable, as it is the leading economy in Sub Saharan Africa with around 57 million people population and the most popular automotive printed and online media on the entire continent. 

However, despite having a population of only about 2.3 million people, which is quite small audience for developing separate specialized automotive magazine just for Botswana, we believe that as one of three leading and growing countries in the region, it still deserves at least its own news feed at the most popular country’s classified for buying & selling vehicles. 

Understanding that a good quality content requires some time to prepare, and we’re not professional journalists focused on it full time, we’d prefer to publish rather less, but meaningful articles covering industry updates and maybe providing some tips for car buyers. 

We are striving to make the feed informative, relevant and interesting for our website users and visitors, and therefore we are open to a discussion and any feedback with ideas on topics you would like us to cover. 

Published on 16.03.2020 by AutoGuide.co.bw

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Cars BWNewsAutoGuide Botswana to launch own automotive news feed