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1:19 Wednesday, 21 of Apr
Gaborone, Botswana

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Buying and selling cars during COVID-19 in Botswana

Despite being still on a raise, the Botswana car market has been slowing down in the last few years even without almost the whole world going on lockdown due to global pandemic. This year wasn’t expected to be good for car sellers anyway, and now it's quite clear that it's going to be probably the worst time ever for the vehicle industry with ...

Published on 05.08.2020 by AutoGuide.co.bw

The End of Combustion Engine Cars Era?

These days when Botswana is facing a major shortage of gasoline due to delayed supply, a lot of car owners probably realized how dependent is their everyday routine on their vehicle and uninterrupted fuel supply for it. Waiting in a long line at gas stations must have made some of them think about replacing their long used car with a new one, ideally ...

Published on 05.07.2020 by AutoGuide.co.bw

The International Motor Show in Geneva may be held only in 2022

Another significant auto event was affected by the COVID-19 lockdown, which most probably will further harm the new car market, however, might give a boost on demand for second-hand vehicles. Buying a used car was always much more affordable while getting a brand new car these days is not only times longer than before, but also more challenging as purchasing ...

Published on 15.06.2020 by AutoGuide.co.bw

Imported car dealerships are closed, how will it affect the market?

The future of Botswana’s used cars import industry seems bleak after unearthing massive tax evasion by the dealers on behalf of Botswana Unified Revenue Services (BURS) early this year. As it was said in one of the local media, given the tax that car dealers have been evading for years, dealers are likely to be unable to pay government treasury ...

Published on 21.04.2020 by AutoGuide.co.bw

Botswana car market slows down

The country’s used car market which has grown significantly over the past decade, is apparently slowing, and this figure is expected to decrease due to declining consumer demand and legislative changes.  The recently published Botswana Transport and Infrastructure Statistics for the third quarter of 2019 shows that the number of registered ...

Published on 25.03.2020 by AutoGuide.co.bw

AutoGuide Botswana to launch own automotive news feed

Being a No.1 online marketplace for buying and selling new & used cars in Botswana for about a decade by now, AutoGuide team decided to further develop our resource by publishing informative articles on some of our researches related to the automotive industry, as well as other sectors of economy affecting car sales in the country.   It ...

Published on 16.03.2020 by AutoGuide.co.bw

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