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17:54 Saturday, 28 of Nov
Gaborone, Botswana

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The End of Combustion Engine Cars Era?

These days when Botswana is facing a major shortage of gasoline due to delayed supply, a lot of car owners probably realized how dependent is their everyday routine on their vehicle and uninterrupted fuel supply for it. Waiting in a long line at gas stations must have made some of them think about replacing their long used car with a new one, ideally with an electric motor, or with less fuel consumption at least. 

In practice, however, it is not an easy thing to do for a variety of reasons, beginning with the market being crowded with pre-owned cars, limited purchasing power as brand new cars are way more expensive than second-hand vehicles, and cars imports in general, especially now when a lot of car assembling plants in Africa are closed due to coronavirus pandemic lockdown, and any new cars supplies will also be delayed. 

Plus, or rather a minus, vehicles with electric driven engines, whether new or used, are imported in Botswana at the same customs clearance rate as classic vehicles with internal combustion engines, which further does not stimulate the transition to eco-friendly and fuel-independent transportation. 

However, signs of such future transition can already be seen on examples of an electric safari in one of Botswana’s national parks, or some delivery services in Gaborone using electric scooters. And although usage of electric driven vehicles in these particular cases most probably was not called to protect nature or to get independent from fuel supplies, but rather to improve tourists experience at the safari and to optimize operational costs for delivery service, these serve as examples and inspiration to look into the future with better cars producing low to zero pollution and not depending on gasoline that much as now.  

Botswana has an enormous number of sunny days in a year and thus has a huge potential for producing its own electricity from solar energy, maybe even enough to satisfy all its needs. And when that day comes, hopefully, there won’t be any lines at gas stations and refueling a car will be as accessible as charging a mobile device from a regular power network.

Published on 05.07.2020 by AutoGuide.co.bw

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Cars BWNewsThe End of Combustion Engine Cars Era?